Patient Testimonials

I would like to share my high praise and recommendation of Elite Physical Therapy and Wellness Center. The director, Terry Sneed, offers an initial consultation that is remarkably comprehensive, holistic and integrative. From the start, Terry's level of skill and dedication toward her work was apparent. Subsequent visits of hands on therapy by Terry, and her staff of capable therapists confirmed my impression of superior care and multi-faceted treatment, which regularly includes individualized hands on therapy and carefully coached exercise, in a well equipped and well staffed gymnasium. Now, towards the end of my treatment plan, I am so appreciative of the quality of personalized treatment and care, and am delighted to share my high praise of this practice and its courteous, encouraging, and skilled practitioners.


I just moved to D.C. 6 months ago and was looking for a clinic specializing in manual therapy and rehabilitative pilates. Not only did I find those particular services and was able to continue my previous treatment seamlessly, but I was greeted by a very friendly, highly professional and empathetic staff. I love Elite physical therapy and I would highly recommend their services!


I may as well say that I have the use of my left arm because of Elite Physical Therapy! In 2010 after rotator cuff surgery, I was left with a frozen shoulder and my surgeon at Georgetown University suggested I have six months of physical therapy. Thank God I came to you all because Terry Sneed knew exactly what to do and proceeded accordingly with her team. I had homework to do as well as exercises but the expert manipulation that I was given was like a miracle for my shoulder as it softened up little by little. Thank you Elite, you saved my life!


I have fibromyalgia and peripheral neuropathy and have seen many physical therapists in the past. None of whom helped until Terry at Elite Physical Therapy. She is very knowledgeable and skilled and I feel fortunate to have found her.


Terry and entire Elite Physical Therapy team are great. I have been a patient for over 3 years for different injuries and each time I need Elite's therapies I get well soon. The team is very professional and friendly. I will definitely recommend Elite to my niece and a few of my friends. Thank you Terry!


Elite PT is truly the best! Very friendly staff and professional service. I always enjoyed going every week! Special shout out to Mia!


It was a very helpful experience, and I feel better after the treatment. Everyone was very nice and I feel great!!!!


Having been in Terry's extraordinary care for many months I have had success after a complicated surgery. I am certain that I owe regaining the use of my shoulder to her exquisite ability to attune to my specific needs. I have been in the care of other highly respectable physical therapists in the past but have found in Terry a confident skilled practitioner, with continued experience, proven technique and constant attention to one's anatomy. She adjusts modalities to accommodate and produce the most optimal results as one goes through the very individualized phases of rehabilitation. Terry's personality is both warm and commendable. In my experience: unique.


I came to Elite with shoulder problems. The treatment was extremely effective and my shoulder is much improved. The staff is competent and friendly and FUN!! I highly recommend Elite to everyone who needs physical therapy.


Although we have a school PT here, there is more equipment at Elite. They're are more professional and give better exercises. Everything is also more efficient. They know more about treating people and are more respectful. They care about you and they have chocolate and good music.


Why walk around in pain or discomfort like I did - thinking that it would just get better. After a consult with Dr. Sneed, she immediately found out the issue, resolved it, and provided a treatment plan. I'm totally satisfied, and highly recommend the team at Elite.


Elite PT provides expert care in a very professional well equipped environment. My personal (multiple) needs are being met by both the top professionals and support staff. Even when there is a "full house" your routine is implemented in a thoughtful, professional way. I am recommending Elite to my friends.


I've been going to Terry At Elite Physical Therapy for both hip bursitis/tendonitis and neck/shoulder/rotator cuff problems. I've been dealing with my hip problem for over 3 years (spending all last year trying to get better) and in about a month I have seen more relief from the treatment that Terry has provided than I have had since incurring this injury. I finally feel hopeful that I am going to be pain free this year. She has also been a true miracle worker in helping me with my neck/shoulder problems. From the first time I met her, I had a very strong feeling she was going to help me more than any other physical therapist, chiropractor or doctor I had been to, and I was right. Her methods work better than any others I have had. She is truly skilled and professional and really takes the time to sort out all of your background and current situation so she can provide the best possible treatment. I must have called her an angel 10 times the first week I started seeing her. The rest of the office staff has been great too from reception to billing. Terry is very good at diagnosing problems, giving you very important next steps to take and coordinating with other care providers, even your personal trainer, if needed. Obviously I highly recommend Terry and Elite to anyone seeking physical therapy. I am so glad I found this place, which was recommended by my orthopedist. I am finally on a great path to recovery.


Terry is a physical therapist sent from the God's!


The staff at Elite Physical Therapy are skilled and pleasant. The schedule is flexible and accommodating.


This therapy wellness center is the best most pleasant place to have all your physical and massages etc., done. If you really want to feel psychologically and emotionally comfortable COME HERE.


I have been seeing physical therapists since my days playing college sports (in the 1970s) and have never seen anyone with the skills and impact of Terry - NEVER. She is in a class of her own. I would/have recommended her to many people, who have the same feeling after seeing her.


I am so happy that I found Elite PT because all of the staff are so welcoming, supportive, knowledgable and fun! I truly enjoy going to my appointments and have seen so much progress in my recovery. The therapists and technicians are so thorough and helpful and always make me feel comfortable. They also play great music all the time which is awesome. Thank you to my PT crew, I appreciate you all so much!


I have nothing but great things to say about the team at Elite PT & Wellness. Not only are they courteous and professional; they are also some of the nicest people I've ever dealt with. I've referred many friends to Elite PT and will continue to do so!


Terry Sneed and the rest of the Elite PT and Wellness staff have been the cornerstone of my efforts to recover from years of orthopedic surgeries and trauma. Without their help, I am not sure I would be walking today. The staff has a very personal investment in their clients, and work to create the appropriate plan for each individual they help. I've referred friends and family to Elite PT and Wellness, and everyone is very satisfied with the caring, effective treatments the staff provides.


Found Elite Physical Therapy by reading the positive reviews posted on Yelp. I have suffered from years of chronic neck pain caused by a whiplash. Terry Sneed ( the director) helped me by using different healing modalities for my specific needs, along with exercises, but what sets her apart from other physical therapy organizations I've used in the past was her time spend one on one using physical massage to break thru to the initial cause of pain. The results far exceeded my expectations by changing my posture, getting rid of years of chronic pain, and I was given an exercise program to follow once my PT was completed. I found the entire experience to be rewarding and results driver and I would not hesitate to recommend Elite Physical Therapy.